Entrance to Yelapa Village

www.yelapa.info www.palapainyelapa.com  Yelapa is a great place for a day-trip, but it's even better to spend the night.  A laid-back Mexican village with lots to explore.  There are no cars here, just meandering pathways through the jungle or stone walkways through town.  Electricity only just found this place a few years ago and even then, it's sparing.  There are restaurants on the beach that are more than happy to serve you while you sunbathe, and the pie-lady never fails to delight with her homebaked goodies.  There are at least 2 waterfalls here - the "Tourist" waterfall located on the far side of town beside a small restaurant and the "Local" waterfall located up the river valley and requiring some sturdy hiking shoes.  Night walking requires a flashlight because without much electricity, it does get very dark here.  But that just adds to the fun - it's like stepping back in time to a place long forgotten.