Sandusky was first established in the early nineteenth century, and it is an area rich with history.  As a result, it is an area where there are buildings to be seen for their historical significance as well as for their architectural design.

The majority of the buildings that visitors are going to want to see in Sandusky are located in the Historic District of Sandusky.  One option for travelers who wish to see all of this area is to take the free trolley ( which begins at the State Theater.  Some of the stops it makes along the way which might be of interest to travelers seeking to explore Sandusky’s architecture include the Sandusky Library, the Cooke Museum and the Follett House Museum.

Visitors who are interested in seeing Ohio’s outstanding architecture and the historical sites for which the area around Sandusky is famous should consider taking a day trip to some of the areas located just outside of Sandusky.  Fremont is particularly rich with historical buildings.  For a list of those buildings which are on the National Register of Historic Places, visit http://www.nationalregisterofhistoric... .

Visitors who are coming from large cities should be aware that Sandusky is not a place where high-rise buildings and skyscrapers are going to be found.   The architectural landscape of Sandusky is more subtle than that of America’s large cities and the buildings to be seen are treasures hidden among the sprawl of a growing Midwestern town.

Columbus Avenue is home to many historically significant examples of architecture.  The County Seat Building located on Columbus Ave is also a fine example of ecclectic arc.