The town of Mitchell really has nothing to do; the beauty of Mitchell is in the country. There are many things to do in the country-side of Mitchell.  There are the painted hills, the beautiful scenery, the Lucky Strike mine near by. If you wish to take the family on a rock mining trip, also there is a other rockshop called, Rhodescabbin. 

There are great hunting areas and beautiful mountains. There are two churchs in Mitchell, one is a Baptist church, and the other is an Assembly of God.  In town, there is also a big bear called Henry, at the local gas station.

There are two Restaurants: the Little Pine, and the Bridge Creek.  The Little Pine is located in the Wheller County Trading Company, also known as "The Store", and the Little Pine Truck Stop is also known as "The Gas Station."

There is no bank, as it says in Wikipedia.  Also there is rumor that when the flood came over, the bank was flooded and a crate of money floated away, never to be found.... 

There are tons of wildlife, just drive up the road to hit a deer, and drive down the road to hit an elk. Mitchell has a population of around 180 people. 


~Written By, Brian Rhode~