Norma’s Ocean Diner is a very casual place for great seafood, steaks, burgers, sandwiches, salads and especially clam chowder.  Each and every menu item is prepared with TLC.  Norma’s has won numerous awards for the clam chowder which is great any time of year while visiting the Seaside area.  Clams, oysters and many other seafood items are very good here.  Norma’s is a must for the clam chowder lovers and while there will be a short wait any time of year, it’s worth it.

Norma's also offers take-out  for all food items.   This is a great place for those desiring to take their food to the beach.  While they do not take reservations they do allow you to call ahead and as long as there is a waiting list, they will put your name on the list and let you know how long they think the wait will be.