Seaside is very tourist oriented. Any questions can be answered by contacting the local Chamber of Commerce.    

Historically, Seaside was inhabited by the Clatsop Indians, which numbered about 400 when Lewis and Clark arrived. Interactions between the two cultures were peaceful. Modern-day descendents of the Clatsop and related Nehalem Indians remain in the area today. The Seaside Historical Museum, which lies on the beach side of the Necanicum River at 570 Necanicum Drive, has an excellent display of Native American artifacts and chronicles their history, and well as the more recent history of Seaside. The volunteers there are very helpful in recreating the scene for you of the founding of Seaside.  Some restaurants even have old pictures of Seaside, which are a joy to see still up, and entice tourists to find the "real" Seaside, behind the facade of the attractive arcade and promenade crowds.  

Seaside is also the last stop on the north coast made by Lewis and Clark, and there is a statue dedicated to them at the turnaround. On Avenue U there is a reproduction of a salt cairn, set up as Lewis and Clark had it. The salt cairn was used to gain salt by boiling off sea water, which then was used to preserve meat for their trip home.

Seaside is a very casual, relaxed town, where there is no need to feel self-concious coming into a restaurant after clam-digging.  It is laid back and fun. Winters are just a good time to visit as summers, as the winter storms kick up and are amazing to watch from the safety of an ocean view hotel, or brave it and trek out to feel the strength of the wind and rain. But bring extra clothes if you are visiting, because you will get wet!  Locals are occasionally referred to as ducks, as they go out to work and shop in the pouring rain.

Flavor of Seaside- Seafood, with a bit of sandy grit, and some good old salt water tossed into the mix, is what the flavor is. [??] 

Socially, Seaside is a small town where everyone knows everyone else, to quote one local, "The local video store is my bank." What he means by this is he goes there to cash his checks. Sound funny? Well since he has lived here over 40 years, he is well known, and knows many other locals. There has been a huge influx of tourists over the last few decades, particularly in the summer, yet Seaside is a very accepting town of outsiders, with residents being eager to share information about the area, from surfing spots and the swings on the beach to nightlife, and the excellent views.  

Tips for getting around:  There is "The Bus" run by Sunset Empire and Transportation   and it runs to Cannon Beach up through Astoria, to the Knappa area.  There are a couple of taxi companies in town, and there are rental cars available in nearby Astoria.

One hint: don't ask anyone the way to the beach!

The Scenic Seaside Cove - slightly outside of town.