If you're here in June, you might want to check out the Springfield Police K-9 dog competition. It's free and you get to watch the dogs catch bad guys, do obstacle courses, find people hiding, and so on. 

  Springfield has some very nice parks, Island Park, for example near downtown, has gazebos, river running through, picnic areas,  play area, ample parking, walking paths, etc. During the day its safe and pretty.

  Another nice park is Hendrick's Wayside up on the east end of town, again, with river access, picnics, bathrooms, etc.

  Springfield has a Christmas parade (December, of course), and a big mall (Gateway) on the North end of town.  Downtown Springfield is easy to walk, safe, and chock full of merchantiles, antique shops, restaurants, museums, and a concert hall.  There's a several mile long walking path downtown (Rosa Parks Path) that is paved and pretty to walk.

  Springfield has several nice neighborhood parks, many with baseball diamonds, tennis courts, etc. There is a pool called "Splash" on Thurston Road and one on Mohawk Blvd (14th St) called "Willamalane".  The big Mall at Gateway has movie theatres and most chain restaurants.

 Main Street is a long road from downtown to the end of town and has restaurants, stores, bars, car lots, repair shops,  consignment shops, garden shops, and at 28th and Main a doggy daycare that is really clean and nice. 

There is a historic district downtown for many blocks with homes from the 1890-1920 range, an easy walk.

Bus transport is easy and not bad (well, the occasional loser, but most people are okay).  The busses are clean, timely, and

get you most places around.  The only "freeway" (its actually an expressway) the I-105 moves well day or night, and seldom slows to any appreicable degree, so getting around that way is easy. Main and Gateway have lots of short-hops between traffic lights.

Weather is rainy from November-February (occasional snow), gorgeous March-June, a tad warm in July and August (to hot, at times)

and variable in September. October has lovely fall color and is warmish and breezy.  April and May are so pretty, everything is in bloom.

Springfield sometimes suffers from field burning air from the north. On those days its smoggy and smells of fire. 

Most people here are friendly and most places are completely safe. 

Most of the chain restaurants and stores are here, so you'll be at home if you're from another US city.  Population is primarily Caucasian, some blacks, some Asians, a handful of Russian ex pats and there's a small (but growing) Hispanic population. English and Spanish are heard here.