The major attraction in Cornwall is the historic Cornwall Iron Furnace. It's a National Historic Landmark and said to be the best example of an early American iron works (1742-1883) in North America. There is a great new exhibit area telling how important iron was to a growing new country, how people worked mining iron ore, making charcoal, smelting iron, and casting products. There is a cannon there that was made for the Revolutionary War; a huge gear wheel that blew air into the furnace, and the furnace itself, a very impressive piece of 18th-century engineering. There is a reasonable admission fee and plenty of free parking.

You might ask "why visit an old factory?" but you won't be disappointed if you visit Cornwall Iron Furnace. Its immense spaces (there are steps to climb, but they're mostly down) are dramatic, and it's really interesting to see how people back in the 18th and 19th centuries lived and worked. Kids love the place because it's a little spooky. You can take a virtual tour on the Web site and see if it's for you.

After you visit the furnace, be sure to drive through the several villages that make up Cornwall Borough. They remind you of the small English villages of that other Cornwall. If you're planning to visit Lancaster County or the Harrisburg/Hershey area, you'll find that Cornwall, just six miles south of Lebanon, is an easy drive, and the furnace visit will add a whole new dimension to your visit.