Jim Thorpe is a town rich in history. It was essentially built due to the coal mining in the area. At one time it was the second most visited tourist town in America, following Niagra Falls. The churches, houses, and other buildings were erected by the wealthy coal mining managers and attorneys. The other end of the spectrum was represented in the town as well. That is, the infamous Molly Maguires. Mostly Irish immigrants, the molly maguires were a group of men who did the actually mining. They worked for poor wages in a dangerous profession. Eventually this led to good ol' rebellion- in a hush hush way. Coal bosses were being assassinated all across Pennsylvania, their death threats that preceded their demise were signed only by the elusive "Molly Maguire." Today you can visit the Molly Maguires Pub in downtown Jim Thorpe. Or visit the jail and the hand print of one of the men, who proclaimed his innocence just before he was hung in the jail. To see the opulence the bosses lived in, check out the Harry Packer Mansion, which is mostly untouched since that time period, complete with original furniture, etc. The opera house is another historic sight, concerts are still held in the building. To learn more about the town, go to the museum or the welcome center by the trainstation downtown. For things to do, visit the go guide!