Dining is always an important part of any vacation or visit. A visit to Lancaster County, needless to say, is no exception. There are a number of restaurants around the county to try. As always, do your research before you arrive in Lancaster so that you know the places you would like to eat! Below are some restaurant suggestions, grouped by category, which you can add to your list of considerations. Of course, visit the restaurant websites and read TripAdvisor reviews to assist you in your decision. Click on the restaurant names to link to more information about them!

Pennsylvania Dutch Dining

Needless to say, many visitors wish to try to a taste of Pennsylvania Dutch food during their visit. Don’t worry, for it is entirely possible to try some of these restaurants, no matter how short or long your stay!

Miller's Smorgasbord  – Located on Lincoln Highway, Miller’s is a buffet which offers both Pennsylvania Dutch foods as well as traditional American cuisine. 

Plain & Fancy - With some similar offerings to Miller's, Plain & Fancy also allows you to dine with fellow restaurant-goers to have a different kind of restaurant experience. 

Good 'N Plenty - Acclaimed by AAA for a number of years, Good 'n Plenty has been on the Lancaster landscape for more than 40 years. It too has similar offerings to Miller's and Plain & Fancy.

Casual American 

Lancaster has a number of chain restaurants, so for those who like to know what they get wherever they are, T.G.I Fridays, Applebees and Texas Roadhouse are all available. For those who want to visit a new restaurant, refer to the list below. 

Tobias S. Frogg - One of the best outdoor dining spots in the area, Tobias S. Frogg offers burgers, wings and large salads. The best time to visit is in when the weather is beautiful so that you can enjoy the outdoor waterfall and upbeat outdoor dining scene.

Garfield's - Located in the Eden Resort, Garfields is a colorful casual restaurant, with a salad bar and a large full menu. Burgers come with bottomless curly fries, so you won't go away hungry. 

Ida's Cafe - This small, sparsely decorated restaurant is a local favorite, and only serves breakfast and lunch. Ida's offers a number of breakfast entrees such as Salmon Florentine and Banana Walnut French Toast as well as sandwiches and burgers for lunch.   


Grand China - While this restaurant does not have a website, do not let this dissuade you from visiting. Grand China has a large menu with many traditional offerings such as lo mien and spring rolls. The restaurant also has inexpensive lunch specials.

Wasabi - This Japanes restaurant is located in a strip mall and is easy to miss. However, for lovers of Japanese food it is worth a trip. The restaurant offers hibachi, as well as sushi. 

Taj Mahal - One of the few Indian restaurants in the area, Taj Mahal offers a large menu with a number of different kinds of entree genres including chicken, lamb and vegetable. 

El Serrano - While perhaps not completely authentic, El Serrano offers Latin-American inspired cuisine inside a beautiful building. Besides El Serrano, there are two restaurants in the building; Tapas, which offers Spanish appetizers, and Clementinas for fine dining. 

Fine Dining

For a special occasion, or just for a nice evening out, Lancaster has a number of fine dining restaurants. This list only includes a few of them. As usual, make sure you do your research to discover the perfect fine dining restaurant for you. 

The Belvedere Inn - With an eclectic menu, the Belvedere is famous for their grilled Caesar salads. Located in Lancaster City, the Belvedere Inn also offers rooftop dining for warm evenings. 

The Log Cabin -This celebrated restaurant originally closed, only to re-open again. Elegantly rustic, The Log Cabin offers traditional American fine-dining, with such menu offerings as crab cakes, rainbow trout and filet mignon. 

John J. Jeffries -  For organic fine dining, John J. Jeffries, located in the Lancaster Arts Hotel, uses ingredients from local farms, to build their menus. 

Checker's Bistro -  Checker's also offers an electric menu, including Steak Frites and Peking Duck Tacos. The restaurant is closed on Mondays. 

There are definitely other restaurants to discover during your visit to Lancaster County. Whether you want a taste of shoofly-pie or curry dishes, you do not have to go far to find them.