When ESPN graded all the major-league baseball stadiums a year or two ago, Pittsburgh’s PNC Park took top honors. It truly is a great place to watch a baseball game.

Some tips: If you’re coming from downtown, you’ll cross a bridge to get to the stadium. This is where scalpers hang out. Do not buy from them until you’ve checked at the ticket kiosks right near the stadium; they have been known to tell tourist that games are sold out when good seats are still available at their regular price.

For a drink or meal before or after the game, try Atria’s restaurant (built into the stadium, but accessible only from outside). During the game, try a sandwich from Primanti’s, a Pittsburgh institution. Your (huge) sandwich will come with cole slaw and french fries—IN the sandwich itself. If you want to try a local beer, keep your eyes open for the Yuengling vendor.

Other amusing things:
-    Giant pierogis race around the field during one of the inning breaks. Welcome to Pittsburgh!
-    The scoreboard display shows the lyrics to songs that are being played. This works well for, say, the national anthem. It is just plain funny for “O Fortuna” from Carmina Burana (unless you happen to be fluent in Latin).

There are many tips for this ballpark to enjoy the game. Park in downtown and walk over the Roberto Clemente bridge. It is closed during game time for pedestrians. The best way to travel to the game is the way the locals travel. Park in the back lot, near the Gateway Clipper Fleet, across the river in Station Square. There are many restaurants and bars in Station Square and outdoor concerts, etc. and take one of the boats over from Station Square. It's a five minute ride and beer and snacks are sold on the boat. There's nothing like it on a warm summer day. The boats have air conditioned floors and a top outside deck for those who like the warm breeze and open air feeling. It's a few dollars more but with the cost of parking at the stadium and the convenience of no traffic leaving from Station Square. It's not only a great time but very convenient. A local pasttime. Also, for children, there's playgrounds to keep them busy before or after the game with popcorn and cotton candy for one dollar. Look for these dollar stands. The sizes are perfect. Boats, dollar popcorn, beautiful view, and no traffic in or out of stadium with a boat ride.