Wifi on Block Island is a little tricky.  The town and the Chamber of Commerce are working hard to obtain better, stronger Wifi coverage, but it is currently very slow.  So, when you are on island, please try to remember why you came (to relax) and be patient.

The Island Free Library has the fastest public Wifi on island.  The library is located on Dodge Street, just off the main street.  There is no charge to use the Wifi services at the library and you will find both indoor and outdoor seating available.  Please be mind the rules of the library; no talking on cell phones inside, and confine your Skype usage to the specified areas.  Printer services are available.  Block Island has a lovely five star library, so you will enjoy your time there.  They have large comfy chairs, air conditioning (one of the few places that does), a very accommodating staff and snacks and coffee for purchase.

Many of the hotels have Wifi available to their guests with a password.  Be aware that most Wifi usage is limited to the hotel lobbies.  This is not the fault of the hotel, it is due to the poor overall Wifi on the island (in other words...be nice to the front desk guy...it's not his fault!).  Please confirm the availability of Wifi when you make your reservation and again when you check in.

Many rental homes have Wifi available, but because of the unreliable nature of Wifi on Block Island, most Realtors will no longer guarantee this.  Again, please confirm with your accommodations provider.