Napatree Point stands at the very southwestern tip of Rhode Island. Its approximately a mile and a half long with the Pawcatuck River dividing RI and CT to the north. The Atlantic Ocean is to the south where the islands of New York can be seen. The village of Stonington CT lies across the river, which the Battle of Stonington in the War of 1812 was sited. Fort Mansfield was located at the bluff at the very end where the river merges into the Atlantic. The fort was build in 1907 when the Kaiser began rattling his sword. Proven inefficient in years to come, it was dismantled in 1927. Concrete gun emplacements can be still seen but beware of the concrete crumbling. Brant geese can be seen in the winter and osprey nest on platforms in the spring til fall. Swans and ducks as well as cormarants and loons are there also. The walk can be on either the river or the ocean side and there is a brackish pond near the fort. Be mindful of the protection nets for the piping plovers nesting sites in the spring and avoid walking on the dunes. Paintings and poems galore have been inspired by walks on this wonderful stretch of land.