Spend the day at Bushy Park.  It's near the Naval Weapons Station at the Dead End of Red Bank Road, turn left and park the first place you see a load of cars.  The awesome thing about this park is it is perfect for fishing and crabbing. Okay, so you've never been crabbing, well this is free and open to the public. Free parking too. Go try it!  There are piers on either side of the street. There's alot to do here. Sit on the pier in your folding chair and watch all the boaters come in and leave out. Many boaters that come in try to give away their catfish. That made for a free catfish dinner without even putting a line in the water.  Watch boat after boat come in with bushel upon bushel of crabs. Just buy some from them and put them in a cooler on ice. Sounds like a good old boiled crabs night!! 

 So take your cooler, your folding chair your crab pots and your fishin' poles and head out to Bushy Park. By the way, crabs have to be five inches tip to tip or you have to throw them back. Oh and as always and everywhere, don't forget to buy a fishing license. Truth is, you could take two cokes, two Subway sandwiches and just have lunch sitting crosslegged on the pier..just watching the sights..very laid-back..just regular folks.  You might even catch some Anthrologogists coming in from Scuba-diving for mammoth shark teeth..and they'll show you something you may not have seen before. Jaws teeth (on steroids).