Charleston's dining scene can be a challenge. There are tons of options, many are enlightened and offer "farm to table" fare. BUT watch the timing. One can get carried away with shopping and schmoozing in this historic venue and forget that not all eateries are open between a lunch service and a dinner service. There are some, but by no means all, who continue service throughout the day. One may have to make several choices before success can be had. Blossom is a good choice for late lunch or early dinner. If eating a sumptuous breakfast, skipping a lunch option and then becoming famished before most dinner services begin is a risk. Do your homework and plan a flexible set of options. It is entirely possible to avoid any chain restaurants and "cookie cutter" chow if you just plan accordingly.  It can be a very satisfying and never a boring activity to dine in this charming city. Use the news, too. The  "Charleston City Paper" is a great resource for the latest eatery reviews. This dining scene changes overnight, so get the latest information and enjoy the most exquisite fare of any Southern city, truly!