Greenville's location makes it a very convenient overnight stop for people on road trips between the Deep South and the Northeast, and there will be plenty of dining options to choose from.  This is still the Deep South, so of course there will be many options involving hearty Southern cuisine, and even heartier breakfasts, especially around the Interstate.  With that in mind, barbecue places are popular.  Some popular options include Smokin' Stokes, Sticky Fingers Ribhouse Downtown, Smoke on the Water in the West End, and Henry's Smokehouse.
     However, Greenville also offers a fairly eclectic range of other dining options, including Japanese, Chinese, Italian and European-style eateries.
     At lunch, choose from the wide selection of sandwiches and salads at The Sweetery (actually in Anderson) and take home one of their many outstanding desserts, from butter pecan cookies to whole cakes and pies. A stylish, affordable dining experience can be found at California Dreaming, which has locations in a couple of other cities in the South.  You can also get filling pub fare at Rafferty's and dine at the Bistro Europa. 
     Greenville also boasts three or four Japanese restaurants, including Kanpai of Tokyo, Irashiai Izakaya Sushi Pub, and Nami, on Marina Road and Tsunami and Wasabi in downtown Greenville. Chinese options include Four Seasons and Joy Food, and Thai restaurants include Lemongrass and Golden Palace.  There is even an Indian Place, India Palace, on Liberty Lane. For a fine Italian meal, try the Ristorante Bergamo.  Greenville has its own brew pub downtown, Blue Ridge Brewery that has several micro-brews on tap along with pub fare along with game-type meat entrees (buffalo burgers and steaks included.)      
     Greenville is in the western half of South Carolina somewhat between the Georgia and North Carolina borders. If you are on a long road trip, it will take a fairly long drive in either direction to come anywhere near the variety of dining options you will find here, and the people you meet will be wonderfully friendly.


  If you're not sure what you're in the mood for or are with a group that would like to choose from multiple options, there are a couple of good spots to start.   Definitely give Main Street downtown a try.  It's been revitalized and a walk up or down the few blocks between the Hyatt and the Peace Center for Performing Arts will give you at least a dozen choices from a European bistro, Thai, brick oven pizzaria/grill, vegetarian, Southern cafe, sushi, trendy hotspot or even the local hot dog joint as well as giving you a chance to window shop at a number of small boutiques.   Another good spot for those looking for multiple dining choices would be on Pelham Road near I-85 (towards the airport).   It underwent a restaurant growth spurt a few years ago, and while most of the options are national chains there are quite a few to choose from.   California Dreaming, On the Border, Macaroni Grill, Max & Erma's, etc.

  There are also a number of Stax restaurants in Greenville all locally owned and each one aimed at a different type of dining.  For breakfast or late night diner fare, head to Stax Omega on Orchard Park Drive off of Haywood Road (fantastic omelets!) which offers a great mix of dining options all day long.  The size of the menu and all of your choices is mind boggling. Stax Bakery is located right next door, you'll be tempted by their amazing desserts which are set out to tempt you as you enter Stax Omega.