Here are some state and local laws for when visiting Myrtle Beach that you may or may not be aware of:

-Swimming is not permitted beyond 50 yards from the beach, unless otherwise stated by lifeguard. Jumping or diving from piers is prohibited. Swimming within 50 yards of a pier is prohibited.

-Glass containers are prohibited on the beach.

-Fireworks are illegal within the city limits.

-It is illegal to break or destroy sea oat plants or beach grass, or sand.

-Dogs in must be on a leash at all times. No animals are allowed on the beach or Ocean Boulevard from 13th Ave. S. to 21st Ave. N. in Myrtle Beach during any time of the year. No dogs are allowed on the beach 9 a.m.-5 p.m. May 15-Sept. 15.

-Sleeping on the beach is not allowed between 9 p.m. and sunrise.

-It is illegal for anyone to operate any motor vehicle on the beach.