Deadwood is a travel location which is very safe in comparison with many travel destinations throughout the world.  It is not a large location, and it is geared specifically to the tourist industry, so risk of becoming a crime victim in the area is virtually nonexistent.  Major problems to consider in terms of safety include:

  • Gambling responsibly:  Deadwood is a gambling city and anyone with a gambling problem is going to have difficulty during a stay here.  For more information on gambling addiction, visit or
  • Drinking:  Many people go overboard with alcohol when they are in the casinos.  This is because people lose track of time and do not realize how much they are drinking in short time periods with little food or exercise to balance the effects.  Visitors to the Deadwood casinos are reminded to drink responsibly.  Problems associated with excessive drinking can include dehydration, alcohol poisoning, reckless behavior, increased risk of crime victimization and impaired judgment.
  • Sun safety:  Most people who travel to Deadwood do so during the summer months.  (For more information on summer travel to the area, visit .)  The hottest months can be not only warm, but humid, and visitors are reminded of the risks associated with exposure to the sun.  Travelers should be sure to drink a lot of water, wear sunscreen and avoiding being outside during the later afternoon hours if possible.  One of the major problems in the area comes when travelers exit casinos and attractions which are very cool due to air conditioning and then spend prolonged time in the sun, shocking their bodies with the extreme change in temperature.