Whether you have rented or brought your own car, you need to drive extra specially carefully on Jersey. The speed limits are probably far lower than you are accustomed to. Nothing wrong with that!

The free maps you can pick up everywhere are really only schematic - don't expect anything like an OS map! Fortunately local drivers seem to be quite considerate to rental cars, which all carry a big 'H'.

St Helier town is littered with one way streets - which apparently are subject to frequent change. You may think your satnav has let you down! The main road along the front (promenade) is OK but keep your wits about you. Daytime parking also requires care anywhere near St Helier. There are considerable restrictions and severe penalties for infringement. Most visitors will need to buy a book of tickets, which you scratch off to show date/time of arrival. You can use more than one ticket, dependent on the maximum time allowed in that particular location. Evenings seem easier - if you can find a spot.

Despite narrower roads, both driving and parking in places away from St Helier are far easier.