For the nature loving visitor to St Elizabeth one may want to check out the Irie Safari in the town of Black River. It is an eco-tour owned and operated by Lloyd Linton a well known Wetlands Biologist who is one of the pioneers in natural resource management  and environmental planning in Jamaica.

The tour is a seventy minute excursion in pontoon type boats up the Black and Broad Rivers into the Black River Lower Morass. This wetland is the largest remaining natural wetland in the english speaking Caribbean and is home to over ninety species of animals and over a hundred species of plants some of which are endemic to this area. A guide informs, educates and entertains as you are shown birds, plants, and animals ,the most popular being the American specie of crocodile Crocodylus acutus. This is one of the few places where these ancient creatures can be viewed in their natural habitat up close and personal.

Guests are offered a choice of local dishes or pizza from the onsite restaurant which they can enjoy on their return from the tour. The site also has convenient rest room facilities and boardwalks where the visitor can view the river and surrounding wetlands. Special birdwatching tours, fishing trips, and ecology tours can be arranged .

Word has it that the Irie Safari is planning to launch a kayak adventure tour into the less travelled sections of the Black River waterways. Plans are far advanced to offer half day tours for neophytes and full day adventure tours for the more avid kayakers and nature enthusiasts.

So, the traveller to St Elizabeth has many options, it's just a matter of knowing where to look in this parish that epitomizes a Jamaican motto, "land of wood and water". Adding YS Falls and Bamboo Avenue and perhaps even a short trip to sample their special rums at the Appleton Estate could create an activity filled day in this serene and beautiful parish on Jamaica's long secret south coast.