Of course it’s possible to rent a car at the Gillespie County airport or simply drive your own, but Fredericksburg is known for its rather unconventional modes of transport. Since the town has no comprehensive public transportation system, take a look at some of these alternatives:
  • Biking: Fredericksburg is popular among cyclists because it is home to the original Hell Week, an 8 day event in which registrants ride over hundreds of miles throughout the rolling hills of Texas. Hell Week usually takes place during the spring, but biking is common year-round too, especially because the weather stays warm. Motorcyclists also consider Fredericksburg to be a prime riding spot, and stage rallies in the surrounding area.
  • Walking: A number of companies will take you on a guided tour of downtown Fredericksburg, but a cheaper option is to take yourself on a walking tour. The town Visitor Center prints maps of Fredericksburg aimed specifically toward tourists on foot. These maps can be picked up at the center or downloaded from their web site. There are also a number of scenic trails in the Fredericksburg area perfect for walkers.
  • Carriage: The Fredericksburg Carriage Company offers tours of downtown Fredericksburg on weekends, weather permitting. Drawn by horses, the carriages will help you to blend in with the historic districts you’ll be riding through.