Although Irving is not known for having a high crime rate, there are still some safety tips that visitors to the city shouild be aware of.  Irving occasionally experiences severe weather situations that could include tornadoes. lightening or flash floods.  Tornadoes have not occurred in Irving according to many old timers.  Lightening or flash floods might occur (usually in Spring or Fall.)

Some of the warning signs of tornadoes include large hail, the section of a storm which produces hail often being the same that produces tornadoes.  A sudden dying down of wind during a severe thunder storm can also be the sign of an impending twister.  Flying debris or the presence of a funnel cloud are also signs, as is loud, roaring noise, the sound of which has been compared to an oncoming train by visitors. 

The city of Irving has an early warning siren system for severe weather which sounds to warm people of an oncoming tornado or other dangerous storms.  People are advised to take shelter in a safe area when they hear the sirens.  Sirens will sound a second time when the danger of a storm has passed.  For more information of tornadoes and tornado safety visit the city of Irving's Emergency Management Center.