The weather is hard to predict yet people all want to know what the previous years weather was like to form a decision as to whether to commit to a holiday or what to expect after booking as many are trying to reach a higher climate and sunny weather when going abroad.

 The weather in Salou is unpredictable like many destinations, but Salou does experience reasonable weather in the early part of the season and also the later part of the season, while July and August are usually sunny and warm.Tarragona province counts with an appreciated Mediterranean weather, tempered and soft, constantly surrounded by a marine breeze all the year around. Its temperature average is 24ºC in summer, 19ºC in autumn and 16ºC in spring.

 The common question is likely regarding the weather in the month of October as many people like to go for a relaxing holiday before the year comes to a close.

Considering October is usually asked quite often here is the link of the the area's weather history(If this is not the month you are looking for you can change the date once you have clicked on the link):