Weston Priory is known primarily for their music. The music is recorded in their Stone Chapel which has perfect acoustics.

The Priory is simple, but welcoming. Many of the celebrations occur in the Barn Chapel and while it is not a "regular" church building, the mountains which surround this small community can hold a candle to any stain glass window . No it isn't Saint Peters in Rome, but  can't be compared to it nor should it be .

The brothers maintain the grounds, the Gallery shop, and the chapels. They also have a variety of animals including pigs, and llamas. They even have sheep, and a great herder.

If you stay near the priory, you will hear the first bell at around 4: !5  AM. It is a call to prayer and a call to start the day. During the day you may see men walking here and there, mowing the grounds. The brothers combine work and prayer together.

All their music is their own which makes for lively Eucharistic services. Night prayer is done in the deep shadows of the chapel. One candle is lit and after the service they depart. Being in the chapel alone is a good place to think, or even take a nap.

The brothers are warm, and inspiring.  

Barn Chapel