Be careful with the Norfolk Airport (ORF)'s small, but runs a lot of traffic through. There are no airport lounges that I know of (certainly no NW, CO, or DL) so if you arrive early, you are sitting with everyone at the gate.

-Southwest travelers beware! The morning line starts early and is long; allow at least 45 minutes to get to the security checkpoint, even if you have an early (7am) flight. I left at 6:30 and waited 30 minutes.

-Watch connections...late-day CO flights to Newark go via ERJ regoinal jets, which are the first to be delayed if there's weather. If you are on the last flights of the day out of ORF, and there's weather in EWR or IAH, you may be delayed there overnight, since you'll get to Newark or Houston too late to depart. It's a good idea to avoid the final flights of the day, especially in winter.

-The food options at ORF are awful, as is the coffee. Luckily there are plenty of fast food places in Norfolk...hit one before departing.

-Best gas before returing a rental car is on Military Circle Highway; go south until you find something open. It's only a few blocks until you're back to the airport.