I travel to NORVA on business about once every six weeks. I enjoy a good meal, and unfortunately Norfolk doesn't have many. Some of the highlights, though:

-Hot subs at Zero's. Print a $1-off coupon from the Internet, and enjoy an oven-toasted sub from this VA Beach chain. They do a pretty good mixed Italian, but I usually get the meatball sub. Watch out for the sausage sub; they chop the sausage up into little pieces before putting it on the bun...you can ask for it to be left whole, or just split. The best part is you get a bounce-back coupon for a dollar off your next sub, so you can eat there pretty much all vacation. (I do subs and a six-pack for three nights, then go home.)

-Ice cream and BBQ at Doumar's. Not bad, especially if you like BBQ. (I'm not a huge fan, but can deal with it.) Very cheap...BBQ pork on a bun wrapped in a baggie. Pretty good BBQ, too, although as I said, I'm not a fan of the pulled pork sandwich. Best part of the meal is the ice cream; they claim to have invented the ice cream cone, and do fresh waffle cones with very tatsy ice cream.

-Finally, the deli section at Food Lion is fairly priced, though I found their fried chicken to be a bit on the done side.