Quality Stores in Mijas Pueblo


1. La Gruta

Plaza Virgen de la Peña

Tel: 952-485-017


La Gruta is an unusual store that is located in a cave constructed in 890 AD, during the reign of Omar Ben Hafsum. The cave was used to store food and arms. The cave was connected to the upper town by means of passages. Today the store sells high quality jewelry and Lladro porcelain.


2. Tamisa

Plaza de la Constitucion

Tel: 952-485-141


Tamisa is an unusual store because it also contains an art gallery, which features very good artists, so internationally known. The store also has a large collection of Lladro porcelain and a very good jewelry store that features internationally known brands.


3. Lavender Blue

Plaza Virgen de la Peña

Tel: 952-486-139


Lavender Blue is owned by a British woman who has a sense of style. This store sells quality clothes and women’s accessories, as well as unusual decorations for the home. Its merchandise is unique in the Costa del Sol.