Torre de San Martin

The Torre de San Martin is located at Plaza de Perez Prado. The tower has a pointed vault at its base to allow one to go to another street, and one can easily see three of the four sides of the tower. The tower has a square ground plan. The tower was built in 1315-1316. There is an ashlar buttress joined to the tower to reinforce it. This buttress was placed in 1551 by the French Master Quinto Pierres Vedel. The tower is decorated with brick and ceramic tiles that are colored white and green. There are many ceramic eight pointed white stars that have green borders. Ricardo Garcia Guereta restored the tower in 1926. Another complete restoration was done between 2002 and 2007. The tower design follows the Almohade minaret tradition because it really consists of two concentric towers that are separated by one meter, where the stairs and passageways are located and lead to a bell tower. The tower is beside the Church of San Martin, which was constructed in 1706.