There are 3 main areas of Cambrils so be sure you know where the hotel your staying in is located and will be able to find it when you arrive.

1) Cambrils Town in located the to the north of the N340 and the railway line and is the traditional Spanish coast town with narrow streets and few points of interest but you not going to visit here unless you a) follow the signs and go there thinking you will find the hotels or b) get bored of the port.

2) Cambrils Port is the bit your interested in if you enjoy looking of a balanced Spanish seaside town with restuarants, shops and the beach plus there is a marina in the centre. Most of the resort looks like its about 30-40 years old but there are a few modern infill areas with good hotels like the Tryp or the Olimar which are still close to the action and a very short walk to the beach. The beach here is very busy, but is very deep so there is space to stretch out. There are plently of restuarants (the town has a great reputation for fish) so getting a table shouldn't be a problem. The only issue appears to be parking, the centre draws in people from a vast area so there tends to be long queues  for underground parking every evening and the street parking is limited and expensive on a meter. Free parking can be found just over the other side of the railway line.

3) Cambrils Beach area (or Vilafortuny) is about half way to Salou and is a thin ribbon development of hotels/apartments and supermarket which lacks any really character but has an excellent beach area. This area was until recently seperated from Cambrils, but recent infill development has finally joined this area up to Cambrils. Most of the larger holiday hotels are here, the Princess and Hesperia for example. If you like the beach and need little else this area will be just what you need, but if you like to get out and about at night its a long walk up the promenade to the Port area.