The best shopping to be done in Leavenworth is food-related.  

Of these, perhaps the top spot would be the Cheesemonger’s Shop , a center of domestic and imported, fine and affordable, most flavorful and extremely soft cheese.  In addition to its wide selection of some of the nation’s best dairy, the sausages are spectacular and the select ales are imported from England and Germany.

For candy, check out the Aplets & Cotlets Factory & Country Store or, even better, the Leavenworth Chocolates store, the latter a vast repository of all sorts of mouth-watering Belgian specialties—for either sample or purchase.

For fruits and vegetables, check out Prey’s Fruit Barn in Peshastin, just a mile outside Leavenworth’s city limits.  Open from June to November, Prey’s provides forty-plus species of apple and pear.