Olympia’s weather is mild in the months of April to September. Average temperatures are in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, and rainfall is generally below three inches. This type of tranquil weather can make outdoor activities much more feasible, and will make sight-seeing a great deal more comfortable than in colder months.

August is generally the hottest month for Olympia. The city’s record temperature was recorded in August in 1981, at 104 degrees Fahrenheit. On the opposite end of the spectrum, January is the coldest, reaching temperatures down in the 30’s. November is most often the month with the most precipitation, so if humidity doesn’t please, waiting until closer to spring to visit this city would be advisable.

The only downside is that pollen and other allergens can be prevalent in the mild-weathered spring months, so be sure to pack the some sort of allergy medication or eye drops. Winds are mostly mild during this time of year.