If you bring your kids to Port Townsend, warn them ahead of time this isn’t Disneyland. There won’t be numerous fast food offerings and busy amusement parks or water parks to entertain them. Instead, there are historic buildings to explore, beaches to discover and even an outdoor skateboard park, if your kids like riding the rails.

Here are some other options for kid-friendly activities in Port Townsend:

*If your kids are interested in water activities, ring up Townsend Bay Dive , which can help with scuba lessons, scuba and snorkel rentals and kayak rentals. Their expertise can also help you pick an area for your water activities and the right time of day to indulge your need for water.   

*The Port Townsend Marine Science Center is an educational dream for kids interested in marine life and aquatics. They have daily interpretive programs (see website for schedules) and offers cruises to Protection Island where you can enjoy some old-fashioned birding. The Marine Science Center is open several days a week depending on the season. Check the website for details relevant to your visit.

*Take your kids on a schooner adventure on the Adventuress. They can get a tour of the boat, and sail the high seas. There are also overnight packages available during the summer.