Camp Allegheny is a must see...but make sure you have reliable transportation, and anything smaller than a Chevy Cavalier isn't recommended for the road leading up - it is the trace of the old Staunton-Parkersburg Turnpike.  Rt. 250, which you follow to get to the Camp, also follows the S-P Turnpike.  However, once you reach the WV/VA border and take the right onto the Forest Service road up to the camp, the road turns rocky and rutted. The road is reddish brown and rocky as the devil.  10-15 MPH is speeding!  But once you go about 2 miles up that road, there is a pull-off to the left side of the road, which gives you a wonderful panorama of Confederate Camp Allegheny. The battlefield is plainly seen, and there is an interperative marker there to aide with the story of the battle, and what you're seeing.

Go on up the road a piece to another marker at the top of a set of wooden steps.  Here are several cabin sites, with depressions dug into the ground by the brave Confederates, and the remains of their stone chimneys.  All that remain now are several piles of stone beside each depression.  Someone has put a small Confederate flag by one of the piles, in memorium of the Confederates who suffered and died in those frozen, mountain-summit huts.

Go on up the road to the intersection and make a left.  Stop about 3/10 of a mile up the road and look to the left.  You will see excellent trench remains and gun emplacement for the Confederate cannon are clearing visable.  This is Private Property, so please don't trespass!!