Fun Facts About Waukesha & Pewaukee 


The oldest college in Wisconsin , Carroll College , was built in 1846 and is in the city of Waukesha .   Former students include famous actors like Fred MacMurray and Alfred Lunt .  


In 1916, Waukesha Pure Food Company created “Jiffy Jell”, which was later reformulated and is known today as “Jell-O.”  


Lyman Goodnow, a Waukesha builder and quarry owner, was an underground railroad conductor that helped escort African American slave, Caroline Quarrells, through Detroit to Canada .   Ms. Quarrells’s journey is now famous because of her re-telling of her ordeal in her letters to friends and loved ones from her new home in Canada .


In 2003 Pewaukee Lake was the location of a one-day record catch of 8 Musky over 40 inches long.


The early success of the Chicago stockyards depended in part on two local commodities – the cures of Waukesha ’s Doctor David Roberts and ice harvested from Pewaukee Lake .


The heyday of silent movies was thanks, in large part, to the efforts of Waukesha film-producing natives, the Aitken Brothers.   Their long list of accomplishments included “Birth of a Nation”.


Traces of Waukesha ’s Native American settlers can be found in the historic downtown, at Cutler Park .   Three earthen Indian Mounds, over 2,000 years old, can be found in the park.   And if one studies them closely, familiar shapes of birds and turtles can be noted.   H        Waukesha Native, Les Paul, invented the electric guitar.


In 1868, Colonel Richard Dunbar declared the spring water of Waukesha cured his diabetes, thus igniting the “Springs Era” in Waukesha , which sprouted a number of massive spa hotels.   Waukesha quickly became known as the “ Saratoga of The West”.


Waukesha County is home to the oldest County Fair in the State, celebrating their 163 rd annual fair in 2005.


The amazing Olympic Medallists, the Hamm Brothers, are Waukesha natives.


Touring Steamboats once ran on Pewaukee Lake and the Fox River in Waukesha .


For many years, residents on Pewaukee Lake received their mail by boat….built by the mailman!


Nationally distributed candy brands have been produced in Pewaukee for almost five decades.