This will make your trip that much better. A must-see. Summer shows at Rick Wilcox Magic Theater are usually later in the evening (usually starting around 7:00 or 8:00) so it's a great capper after a day at the resort or water park. The show is in a 550-seat theater that also has a movie theater-like concession and a "magic shop" with the typical and not-so-typical souvenirs, including some magic tricks and DVDs. But best of all, this show is top-notch entertainment. Their big stage illusions are just incredibly impressive, as good as any illusions you'll see anywhere. There's also comedy in the show with either audience participants or Rick & Suzan Wilcox's on-stage chemistry usually providing the biggest laughs. The entire show is family/kid-friendly, but that isn't a bad thing at all. Just means all the jokes, illusions, etc., will appeal to any age and are always tasteful. The show is split into two parts, with a short intermission giving you a chance to stretch, visit the concessions, and talk about the amazing stuff you just saw in part one. The Rick Wilcox Theater is located across the street from Mount Olympus -- basically right in the mix with all of the major hotels and attractions in the Dells at 1670 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy. Tickets for the show are $39 or $29. The higher priced tickets will get you right up front and in the middle section, the lower priced tickets back a little bit or in the side sections. But, the Theater is intimate enough that there really isn't a bad seat in the house for seeing the illusions. As you'll see in the many reviews on Trip Advisor, this is a definite jewel of the Dells and really is a "must-see". Rick Wilcox definitely belongs on your Things To Do list.