Cody is a historic town and travelers will discover the Old West history around every corner.  One of the largest and most prestigous museums in the United States is located in Cody. The Buffalo Bill Historical Center is known as the "Smithsonian of the West" and is widely regarded as the finest western museum in America. Housed in the Buffalo Bill Historical Center are five seperate museums, each known for its excellence.

  • The Plains Indians Museum displays the lifestyle of the seven Plains Indian Tribes.
  • The Buffalo Bill Museum includes memorabilia from the varied and fascinating career of Buffalo Bill.
  • The Whitney Gallery of Western Art is an extensive collection of exciting art of America's West with paintings and sculptures by masters.
  • The Cody Firearms Museum displays the most comprehensive exhibit of American firearms in the world, a Boone and Crockett exhibit of world record game, an arms manufacturing facility and a stagecoach stop.
  • The newest museum, the Draper Museum of Natural History, focuses on the greater Yellowstone ecosystem and the influence of nature on humans. 

The Heart Mountain Interpretive Learning Center just opened a new museum in August 2011 on the site of a former Relocation Center for Japanese Americans moved from the West Coast during World War II. At one time, over 10,000 people were held there. Exhibits are well done, thought-provoking, moving. The museum tells real stories of people there. The museum is about 15 minutes from either Cody or Powell, off Route 14A (The Powell Highway). Suitable for all ages.

Another intriguing museum in Cody, The Cody Dug Up Gun Museum, is a great look at history for the whole family, consisting of over 875 relic guns and other weapons from many different time periods and locations.  All have been dug up from the ground, or recovered in other ways, and left completely as found.  Real history, with the guns that were there!

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