It’s a small town, so don’t expect to see gleaming five-story department stores or sprawling shopping malls. But whether you’re hoping to buy that specific article of clothing you forgot or are browsing around for some authentic souvenirs of historic Hawaii, you won’t be disappointed with what Koloa has to offer.

The Koloa Ball Park holds the Knudsen Farmers Market every Monday at 12 noon. Located on Maluhia Road, the market booths contain everything from locally grown fruit to handicrafts and artwork to eclectic swap-meet type offerings. As it is an almost entirely local affair and listed in few guidebooks, the Farmers Market is also an ideal opportunity to blend in and see what life is like in Koloa for residents.

If you spend a few hours in Old Koloa Town, you could hit the shopping jackpot. First there is the row of restored storefronts that give Old Koloa its unique 19th century feel. Formerly immigrant-run convenience stores, these historic buildings have been turned into surf shops, cafés, sundae parlors and boutiques. In addition to this row of shops, Old Koloa Town also has its very own mall, where you’ll find conventional stores to suit all of your traveling needs