The methods for getting to Lihue depend on the visitor’s prior destination.  If on the island of Kauai already, buses are a good option for transportation.  If on another Hawaiian island, the options for getting to Lihue are by plane or boat.  If anywhere else in the world, the best option is flying.    

            There are a few buses that run from other Kauai cities to Lihue and are all operated by the Kauai Transportation Agency.  Visit Kauai Busses for more information on timetables and available routes.

            When coming from another one of the Hawaiian Islands, options for getting to Lihue include planes and boats.  The two local airlines flying between the islands are Hawaiian Airlines (which flies from Maui and Oahu) and Aloha Airlines (which flies from Oahu).  The Lihue Airport is the main airport on the island, and most public flights into the island land here. 

            The Hawaii Superferry is scheduled to open for business in mid 2007.  This service will link the four islands of Kauai, Oahu, Maui and the Big Island.  Lihue will be the home port of Kauai. 

            There are many airlines that fly into Hawaii from the US and other countries.  Check with a local travel agent to obtain more information.