Though worth the trip, it is not easy to get to and from Princeville .

First, one has to get to Hawaii—i.e. Honolulu in Oahu , known by ancient natives as “the gathering place,” and, unless one is flying from Los Angeles or San Francisco, visitors should get gathering, a jet-lagging journey that ends at Honolulu International Airport, its 2200 acres acting as the gateway into Hawaii.   Serviced by most major airlines, including United and America, Honolulu International is the only way onto the islands by air for those not residing in California.

From here, the trek is to KauaiLihue is the Garden Island’s commercial airport, receiving flights from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Honolulu—the last being a thirty minute trip.  

Upon landing, rent a car and ask for very precise directions to the North Shore of Kauai.  You will want to pass Mile Marker 27 and ultimately make a right onto Ka Haku Road to get to the resort town.

Leaving will be practically easier but psychologically harder.