Nightlife is slow, natural, and relaxed—resort-like—in Princeville, a popular destination for honeymooners and a place where the visitors outnumber locals.  At the Princeville resort, nighttime “events” are made of sunsets and alcohol.  Set on one of the world’s best beaches, the rise and fall of the day is as blue and beautiful a view one can get in life.  

Mai Tai’s concocted with local vanilla make an excellent complement to any event of the evening or later.

The restaurant La Cascata—Italian for “The Cascade”—offers visitors fine, fresh seafood and an extensive wine list.  Open every night from six to ten, make a reservation before walking over.  

Princeville resorts also make for impossibly romantic nighttime beach dinners and walks.

The Happy Talk Lounge
provides early evening Jazz on Sundays and entertainment nightly the rest of the week.

The Living Room Lounge
allows for further entertainment, gluttonous drinks and desserts, and, as with just about everything Princeville, a stunning view is provided free of charge.