For detailed information about Lahaina's history, try Exploring Historic Lahaina by Summer Kupau.

To get a good feel for the area and the people, there are also several fiction novels that are set in the region. Books like the Lahaina mystery series by Barbara E. Sharp describe characters and settings that are unique to Hawaii and Lahaina in particular, all intertwined with local history and culture. Plus, they are a quick, fun read for a day at the beach or while waiting at the airport. Also check out Lahaina Noon , a collection of poems by Eric Paul Shaffer that reflects the beauty and ambience of Lahaina and its residents. If mysteries don’t appeal, the Old Lahaina Book Emporium has a good selection of new and used books to choose from. including Shoals of Time which is a chronological history book of Hawaii that is easy to read. The Maui Trailblazer guidebook contains a short walking tour of Lahaina with directions to the museum on the outskirts of town which houses Hawaii's first printing press.

For up-to-date information on the area,  The Maui News, which reports on events all over the island.   Also Craigslist has a section for events.  The Maui Arts and Cultural center has three theatres and the November event at the Maui Historical Society is a must.