Lahaina is fairly easy to get around in without a car, but for visitors who like to have the freedom that a rental car can provide, there are several companies to choose from. Two have offices on the West side; they are Avis and Enterprise. For rental cars which are a little more exciting, try the Aloha Toy Store, which rents out high-end cars like Porsches, Ferraris, Jaguars, and even Harley motorcycles. The Island Riders store also has similar cars, and an even bigger selection. Please remember to bring headsets for cell phones to use as you drive, as the County of Maui has a hands-free cell phone law (Summer 2010).

Parking spots in Lahaina are pretty hard to come by, so if you rent a car, expect to spend a lot of time hunting for a place to park it. (See the Getting Around page for parking suggestions.) The limited parking spaces that are available usually have time limits, and parking attendants monitor them closely. Also, drivers usually have to pay to park, or go to the trouble of getting a validation ticket from one of the stores in the shopping centers in order to use their free parking. It’s definitely a trade-off, but sometimes worth it for visitors who can’t walk very far or simply prefer to drive.

There are also many taxi services to choose from, like A Taxi Service, Island Taxi, and Rainbow taxi which serve the entire area. They all have pretty reasonable fares, and most of the drivers know the island really well, so you can usually pick up some insider tips about area.