Seeing the Boston Red Sox play a home game at Historic Fenway park is one of the most fun things to do in Boston. But beware: when the game gets out, make sure you are ready to hold tight to all your belongings (and yourself!) as you join in the sea of people exiting the park.

As with the end of any major sporting event, crowds shove to exit the park when the game has concluded. But Fenway is particularly small (part of its charm), and while Boston is a generally safe city, this cramped, pushy environment makes for the perfect opportunity for someone to steal your belongings, or even for you to get hurt.

Make sure you have your things strapped to your body, or TIGHTLY in your grasp, from the get-go.

As you exit the park, try to keep a bearing on where you are going -- if you're not headed for the T (you parked nearby, someone's picking you up, etc.), keep a keen eye out -- it's easy to get pushed along with the crowd.

Watch your step, as you may find yourself suddenly stepping down from or up to a curb without having realized it because of all of the people. Also beware that cars, however stupid, often try to make their way through the crowd on Landsdowne street and other crowded areas around the park as people exit. Watch out for them -- their only interest is pushing through.

Most people will be walking to the T station to take the subway home, so if you have the energy, try walking a few blocks to a different stop, rather than waiting with a million people at the Kenmore or Fenway stops. 

Finally, of course, make sure you stay with the person/people you came with. It is easy to lose loved ones in a crowd like that, and then good luck being able to hear anything on your cell if you try least immediately out of the park, anyways.


Keep your things close to you and make sure you keep an eye on where you're going and the people you're with and you'll be fine.


Have a great time at the Sox! Play Ball!