El Paso International Airport is the nearest major airport (and city) to Carlsbad. El Paso is Texas, not New Mexico. The International airport is a modern facility ten minutes away from downtown El Paso. Arriving in this town, specially if you are coming from the East Coast or Europe can be a shocking experience because you are literally landing on the desert. Expect vast extensions of open space made up of rocks and sky (skies are a magnificent show in the Southwest, specially when the sun sets), so you'll see for hours tons of land, tons of sky and tons of sun. At the airport rent a car, it is your only choice to get to Carlsbad. It is a three-hour drive along US Highway 62/180.

If you own a plane or hired a charter one, you can fly directly into the Cavern City Air Terminal. Mesa Airlines is a commercial carrier that services this small airport and offers a service between Albuquerque and Carlsbad. There, take a taxi or rent a car to Carlsbad that is 8 miles north the of the airport. If you didn’t make your reservation online, call the airport at (505) 887 1500 and they will take care of your reservation.

You can also arrive by bus: Greyhound and TNM&O take you to Carlsbad from Albuquerque, West and East Texas.