New York is a great walking city, especially below 14th St.  (Midtown is a grid, and is a bit boring.)  It's fun to wander the curvy streets of downtown.  Since the city grew northward from the Wall St. area, the Lower East Side, the East and West Villages, SoHo, Tribeca and NoLita are fun places for visitors to the city to wander for shopping, people watching and finding great food.  (The grid system was developed later in NYC's history as a future growth plan, so that's why walking midtown is a bit boring, but easier for driving. A great resource for walking tours in New York City is this tour operator's site - it enlists all the important walking tours and offers some good deals as well.

The Tenement Museum & Bookstore is a great place to buy unique New York themed gifts. You can also get some ideas for places to shop for New York gifts in the New York City forum.

Food Walking Tours are also a great way to explore New York on foot.  New York Food Tours has tours that lead you on a culinary adventure through historic neighborhoods including the East Village, Chinatown, and the West Village.  These tours are a wonderful way to learn about the the rich history and diverse cultures of Manhattan below the grid, while tasting different ethnic cuisines.  Tours are led on both weekdays and weekends and are 2-3 hours long.  They have several different themes including a vegetarian tour


If you get tired while walking, hop on a bus.  There are many North-South routes that will let you rest your feet while you see more of the city.  Make sure to buy a Metrocard first or have exact change, since you can't insert dollar bills!

Food On Foot Tours
let's you Eat Like A New Yorker! By experiencing the cuisine of New York you get to experience the culture. This tour is very different from most tours because it is not a gourmet food tour but an inexpensive quality food tour  You purchase the food you like and Food On Foot Tours is a relaxed getting-to-know-people from around the world subway/walking tour. Food On Foot Tours is the highest rated food tour on TripAdvisor's Things To Do in NYC as of 02/17/10. Tours include East Village Variety, International Express, Midtown Mix and The World Famous Sweet Tooth Tours! All tours have vegetarian options.