Guide to Exclusive NYC Nightlife

With options ranging from  loft parties in Soho, warehouse parties in Brooklyn, charity fundraisers, dive bars, and nightclubs- The number of ways that one can spend their night in NYC are as diverse as the city itself.  While opinions vary wildly on the subject, the experience that is perhaps most unique to New York is the exclusive nightclub.  

 Why do People like Exclusive nightclubs?

Its about the crowd. Exclusive nightclubs draw a sophisticated crowd that includes willowy fashion models, beautiful young professionals, creative artists and successful business people of all ages.  It is not uncommon to spot the occasional celebrity. Celebrities such as  Paris Hilton, Justin Timberlake, Lindsay Lohan, and many more musicians, athletes, famous models and actors frequent exclusive nightclubs in New York. 

What are the draw backs of exclusive nightclubs?

In New York, exclusive nightclubs are small, and are very selective of who they let in.  If you plan to go out with a big group, going to an exclusive nightclub usually means that you will have to commit to spending a large amount on bottle service in order to get your entire group in (+$2,000 to $5,000 and in some cases even higher).  For many people, dealing with the uncertainty of whether or not they will get in is enough to deter them from trying to go in the first place.  Don’t let it do that to you, as the experience makes it worthwhile to try at least once. 

 How to get in to an exclusive nightclub?

Getting in to an exclusive nightclub requires some combination of the following things 1) connections 2) fashion sense / beauty 3) money.  It is as simple as that. The more beautiful you are and the more connections that you have, the less you will have to pay – which is why celebrities and fashion models party for free at these places; If you are good looking and sophisticated enough, you may be able to drink for free as well.  

Make arrangements in advance - If you intend to go to an exclusive club, it is best to make your arrangements for getting in before you arrive.  Try calling ahead and making reservations, contacting a promoter who can book you reservations or a table, or bring a small group of beautiful people / women with you. 

  •   Bring Beautiful people – Are you a model, or friends with many models?  This could be your ticket
  •   Buy Table Service – This is a probably the most straightforward way to gain entry, for those who can afford it. 
  •   Use your connections – Do you write for a well-known publication? Work in fashion? Work at a well-known modeling agency? Have other connections? This can be your key to getting in.

 What Clubs Should You Go To?

Keeping up to date on what clubs are currently in fashion is a time consuming task and is beyond the powers of a mere individual.  Nearly every nightclub in New York describes itself as the ‘best’ most exclusive club - and nearly always it is a lie. At any given time, there are about 5 super exclusive clubs, 10 moderately exclusive club and 5 somewhat exclusive clubs in the city. There are only so many of the A-list crowd to go around, consequently only a limited number of clubs can maintain their elite status.  Lifespan of a club varies wildly, some clubs manage to stay on-top for years (Avenue, 1Oak, SL) while others fizzle out in months (Bunker). Additionally, certain places are known for certain nights of the week, and may not be the best choice on the night that you are planning to go out. For up to date information check these sites NYC Top Nightclubs and New Nightclubs in NYC