NOTE: Coney Island is currently going through some major reconstruction, but 40 rides including the landmark Cyclone and Wonder Wheel and the Eldorado Bumper Cars and attractions such as the Coney Island Sideshow are already open for the 2010 season. On Memorial Day weekend, the new Luna Park with 19 brand-new rides will open on the site of the former Astroland Park (closed in 2008). There are interim as well long-term plans to activate and build new amusements, entertainment and retail on lots not currently in use. Please be aware of these changes when planning your visit.

Coney Island - NYC's Sideshow by the Seashore

If it is really hot out and you want to see the Atlantic Ocean from a different perspective, spend a half-day at Coney Island!

Strolling on the Boardwalk, Nathan's and the Aquarium are popular year round.  The  Coney Island Hsitory Project has an audio/video walking tour of the amusement area.  It is Free-- you can watch it on their Tours page or download it to your iPod or via iPhone.

Visit the  Coney Island Fun Guide  for info on events and attractions.

Here's the tourism page of Coney Island: Coney Island USA   Coney has a "carnival" atmosphere, with greasy fried foods (which are delicious!), carny games and skeeball. This ain't Disneyland, folks!!  


Top attractions in Coney Island

Top events in Coney Island

Brighton Beach - NYC's "Little Odessa"


The New York Aquarium

Pretty cool for it's size and location in New York City! Great for kids. Open all year round.

 The New York Aquarium