Cedar City is found at 5,800 feet in elevation. It is because of this that it is not classified as a desert climate as other areas not too far away. Cedar City has a temperate and dry climate. Four seasons are not marked very drastically as winter temperatures usually only drop to the 40s. That said, at night it is easy for the temperature to drop into the 20s during the coldest months.

Summers in Cedar City are hot and sunny with temperatures averaging just above 90 degrees, yet the dry air makes the heat bearable and actually pleasant. These warm months are a great time to visit what is called "Festival City" to take advantage of the local celebrations. The best known of these is the Utah Shakespearean Festival. Luckily, the festival runs from June through October making it incredibly convenient to plan to make a show.

No matter what the season however, there is a festival in Festival City. Whether it be Oktoberfest in the fall, the extravagant Christmas celebrations, the sporting competitions of spring, or the markets and theater productions in the summer, Cedar City is a destination for any month.