Dayton the "Gem City" or "birthplace of aviation" is rich with early American history. It also boasts a plethora of inventions; more patents coming from this city's capita than any other in the U.S. Learning about the inventions and heritage of the city will definitely enhance your stay while here. Reading about Dayton should give you some insight as to why Wilbur Wright recommended it as an ingredient for a good life.

Where else to start but in the beginning, to get your fill of Dayton's history try reading "Dayton, Ohio: An Intimate History: by Charlotte Reeve Conover or if you want more retro nostalgia with your history, pick up "Dayton, Ohio: Phs (Postcard History)" by Curt Dalton.

Many people are fascinated to learn about the Wright brothers and other inventions that came from this patent hotspot. Good reads on the subject include "Dayton: The Cradle of Creativity (Urban Tapestry Series)  by Dale Huffman, Andy Snow, James Tyler, and Ohio Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce Dayton. "The Wright Brothers: A Biography" by Fred C. Kelly or "The Wright Brothers: How They Invented the Airplane" by Russell Freedman, Wilbur Wright, and Orville Wright are books that will definitely fill you in on this famous duo from Dayton.

If you're in need of a guide try "Rand Mcnally 2006 Dayton, Ohio Street Guide" by Rand McNally and Company.