Bradenton, located about halfway down the Florida Peninsula right next to the Gulf of Mexico, enjoys very pleasant, warm weather year-round. The summer, however, is not a good time to go, as temperatures regularly go above 90°F (32°C) during July and August. The water is about this temperature as well, so a swim in the Gulf is not likely to cool you off very much. The relatively high humidity of the area makes the high temperatures even worse. That is perhaps why many tourist attractions actually have shorter hours or fewer weekend openings during the summer, when Florida residents often try to leave the state. Summer is also hurricane season, and tropical storms that cause significant damage or at least inconvenience are a common problem throughout Florida.

The winter and spring are better times to visit (and indeed, many people from around the country do so during Christmas vacation or spring break). Even in January, average daytime temperatures are in the low 70s (around 22 or 23°C) and even at night temperatures still remain in the high 40s (more than 7°C) or above. The water is a very warm 70°C as well, making this time an ideal time to swim. Temperatures remain comfortably warm until about April, when the thermometer begins climbing into the high 80s and low 90s again.