Philadelphia is not known as a great place for Southern BBQ.  Please keep that in mind when reading the following suggestions.

Phoebe's, located on South Street has succulent chicken, leafy earthy marvelous greens, potato salad, earthy cornbread, magnificent pork ribs, and meaty beef ribs. The sauce is wonderful and extra hot sauce included. You will appreciate the hard-to-find homemade flavor. You can not eat inside of Phoebe's.  click here for TA reviews

Ron's Ribs, a few blocks away, also on South Street is also good. The staff is welcoming and friendly.  The cornbread is golden, sweet, and very good, as is the potato salad. The chicken can be a little dry, but their dark thick sauce covers this small sin.  The beef ribs are delicious.  The greens are a little sweet so you may miss some of that bite in the flavor that complements the spice of the sauces. Ron's has seating, a smiling chef, but a no-dog policy.   recent reviews, click here

 Sweet Lucy's  Locals love this BBQ place located in the Northeast section of Philly, and it gets great reviews